Deliveries in
30 minutes or less

How it works

Customer places an order

Cocos drive to the restaurant
to pick up the order

Merchant loads Coco

Merchant staff loads the Coco as soon as the food is ready to go—No wait time

Coco delivers to customer

Coco arrives to the customer in 30 minutes or less. The customer enjoys their order!

We partner with local businesses

Learn more about our 50+ merchants

Coco in the community

Zero-emissions and
fewer cars on the road

Human operated
for road safety

Food safety through
contact-less delivery

"I love this and can’t
wait to see more bots on
the street.
The future is
"Wow. That was adorable."
"Coco is awesome!!! I
hope to see thousands
of these all over every
city in the future."
"Receiving our ice cream
via robot made it ten
times more fun!"
abc7 • February 11, 2021

Food delivery robots get rolling in San Pedro

Several San Pedro restaurants have partnered with local robotics company, Coco, to provide a contact-free delivery option.
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Yes, we are hiring!

We are expanding our team, come join us at Coco

Yes, we are hiring!

We are expanding our team. Come join us at Coco!

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