Deliveries in
15 minutes or less

How it works

Customer places an order

Coco drives to the restaurant
to pick up the order

Merchant loads Coco

Merchant staff loads the Coco as soon as the food is ready to go—No wait time

Coco delivers to customer

Coco arrives to the customer in 15 minutes or less. The customer enjoys their order!

We partner with local businesses

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Coco in the community

Zero-emissions and
fewer cars on the road
Human operated
for road safety
Food safety through
contact-less delivery
With Coco we are saving $2-6 per delivery versus some competing providers, which drives huge differences in a restaurant's bottom line. If a concept has a $20 average check and net margins of 15%, you can see that this cost savings could make or break a very delivery-heavy concept.

Dan Londono, Co-founder, Alfalfa 
Los Angeles, CA

Coco is a game changer with Colony's "Next Man Up" focus. It eliminates tediously waiting for the courier assigned to each order to arrive for that order. We can have 30-50 orders (from 20 different kitchens) on a shelf with 25 drivers waiting and none match! With Coco, any order can be placed in any robot.

Nick Popov, CEO, Colony Cooks
Los Angeles, CA

At peak, we get 50-60 orders per hour. To prep and ship that volume, we need to be as efficient as possible in our prep and load processes… With Coco, there’s no disruption to our kitchen flow, no shelf wait time, and no order-matching, so we can load immediately and into any robot, which alleviates stress in our kitchen and gets food out the door much faster.

Cassie Howard, Owner, Bay Cities
Los Angeles, CA

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Yes, we are hiring!

We are expanding our team, come join us at Coco

Yes, we are hiring!

We are expanding our team. Come join us at Coco!

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