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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

This Privacy Policy applies to your use of Coco and any web sites, mobile applications, services, programs, or features (the “Coco Platform”) owned or operated by Cyan Robotics, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, “Coco,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). Coco values your privacy, and taking proper care of your information is a top priority for us. Our goal is to help you understand what information we collect about you (also known as “User Data”) and describe how we use that information.This Privacy Policy is part of, and is governed by, the terms and conditions set forth in our Terms of Service, including any agreements incorporated by reference within the Terms of Service (the “Coco Terms”). Any terms not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning given to them in our Terms of Service. If you do not feel comfortable with any part of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service you should stop using or accessing the Coco Platform and terminate your Account.Certain parts of this Privacy Policy apply only to the Coco Platform offered in particular geographies; for more information, please refer to the “California Residents” section if you reside in California.

‍The Services provide on-demand delivery for restaurants and other businesses (collectively, “Merchants”) to deliver food, beverage, and other related products (“Products”) to their customers. When a delivery order is placed through the Merchant’s ordering channels (e.g., DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats, Merchant platform, etc., collectively, the “Ordering Platforms”), an Ordering Platform may pass the request to Coco, either directly or through a point of sale/middleware provider, (each, an “Order”). When Coco receives an Order, either one of Coco’s delivery robots (each, a “Coco robot”) will be loaded by the Merchant (each a “Coco Delivery”) and travel to the delivery address designated by you when placing the Order on the Order Platform (your “Designated Address”) or a designated courier (“Courier”) will pick up the order from the Merchant and deliver the order to the Designated Address (each a “Courier Delivery” and together with the Coco Delivery, each such trip being a “Delivery” and collectively “Deliveries”). This Privacy Policy only applies to data provided to, utilized, and retained by Coco.  Although you may receive Deliveries by Coco robots or Couriers, Coco is not a party to the transaction between you and the Merchant, or you and the Ordering Platform. Merchants act independently of Coco and as such, Coco is not liable or responsible for Merchant’s compliance with certain laws and regulations applicable to each such Merchant, including, but not limited to, data privacy laws. 

‍Please note, not all accounts or features are available in all locations, so some of the examples below may not apply to you.

‍Information You Provide To Us
‍We collect information about you when you provide it to us directly, when we request it from you, or when you give us permission to get it from a third party source, such as a Merchant or Ordering Platform. Below are some examples of the types of information we collect.

‍Registration and Identity Verification
‍When you sign up for any Coco account, you may give us your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and, if necessary, a copy of your government-issued ID (i.e. your driver’s license, state ID card, or passport). In order to receive a delivery or shipment, you must provide a valid delivery address — whether that’s your home address or any other valid physical address.

‍Demographic Information
‍We also collect demographic information from you when you register, when you take our surveys, and throughout your use of the Coco Platform. Demographic information may include your age, gender, location, how you heard about Coco, spending habits, consumption preferences, and other preferences or habits.

‍If you contact us directly, we may collect information from you that helps us provide a satisfying experience and answers any questions you have while using Coco. For example, when you communicate with a member of our customer service team, we may ask you for your name, email address, delivery address, phone number, or proof of charge in order to identify your account, confirm your identity, or assist with your issue. If you send us an email, we will collect the contents of that email and any other information you choose to provide with your email. If you communicate with us via live chat, that correspondence will be archived. If you communicate with us via social media, we collect that communication and associate that information with your user account to the extent the information can be linked. Customer service communications over the phone may be recorded for quality control purposes and may be summarized within our customer support systems.

‍Payment Information
‍Payment information may be collected in connection with a transaction facilitated by Coco. In all cases, while we may retain a limited amount of payment information for identification and convenience, to keep your financial data secure, we do not store full payment or financial information on our servers. Unless otherwise noted, payment information flows through a third-party vendor who processes the payments for Merchants and/or Ordering Platforms.

‍Voluntary User Surveys
‍From time to time, we may invite you to fill out voluntary user surveys or to participate in focus groups to provide feedback on various topics, which may include, without limitation: your experiences with Coco and/or our partners, your experience with the Coco Platform, available products, new services, your preferences related to food delivery, and your sentiments on public policy or other industry topics. These surveys are often conducted by Coco or third-party market research firms, who collect such data on our behalf, to analyze industry preferences and trends. Coco does not share your survey information on an individualized basis, and does not share this data for direct marketing to its users.

‍Applicant Data
‍When you apply to a job or to be an independent contractor with Coco, you may provide us with information about you to help us determine whether you are a good candidate for the role you are applying for. Such information may include your name, phone number, email, resume/CV, availability, references, and more.

‍Information We Collect When You Use Coco
‍Like most online services, Coco collects technical information about you or your device used to access the Coco Platform. We collect information from your browser, computer, mobile device, or other device used to access the Coco Platform. Below, we provide examples of the types of data we may collect about you.

‍Location Information
‍We may collect your location information when you provide us or a Merchant or Ordering Platform with a delivery address or we may use geolocation-based services in order to verify your location. For instance, knowing your location may be necessary to allow you full access to our mobile applications or certain aspects of the Coco Platform. Furthermore, for compliance reasons, some of the Coco Platform may be restricted depending on where you are located. Collecting your location information is also necessary to send you relevant content based on your location and to optimize or improve our products and services.

‍Usage Information
‍We may log how you interact with the Coco Platform by automatically recording data sent by your application or browser. This includes, but is not limited to, the products and content you view, your actions on the Coco Platform, how you access our Coco Platform, and the details of any orders you place.

‍Device Information
‍We may collect information about the device you are using, such as the device’s IP address, web browser, operating system, phone carrier, manufacturer, unique identifiers (such as advertising ID, VIN, MAC address, and IDFA), and other related software or hardware information related to your device.

‍Cookies and Technical Information
‍We also may collect information through the use of “cookies,” tracking pixels, and similar technologies. Cookies are small text files created by websites and stored on your device. They provide a way for the Coco Platform to recognize you and keep track of your settings and preferences. We also use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a secure experience and to understand, among other things, how you navigate the Coco Platforms, learn what content is popular, recognize repeat users, and save your account information. The Coco Platform is not configured to read or respond to “do not track” settings or signals in your browser settings.

‍Call and Text Information
‍We may work with third-party partners to facilitate phone calls and text messages, including communications between you and your Courier. We collect information about such communications, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties’ phone numbers, and the content of any SMS messages. This helps us provide and optimize our services and the Coco Platform.

‍Video Footage
‍Each Coco robot is outfitted with multiple cameras that record the Coco robot’s whereabouts and surroundings, for the purposes of tracking, security, and operational maintenance/troubleshooting. This video footage will be viewed in real time by a Coco robot delivery operator (“pilot”), and may be viewed at a later date for safety, quality assurance and/or maintenance purposes. 

‍User Feedback
‍We want to make sure you have a consistently positive experience with the Coco Platform, and we are always looking to improve our products and services. Accordingly, we collect and retain information about any ratings, reviews, and feedback you provide about our service.

‍Information Collected from Third PartiesDelivery Fulfillment
‍When you place a delivery order through one of Coco’s Merchants or Ordering Platforms, that order may be fulfilled and delivered to you by a Coco robot or a Courier. We collect information about you from the Merchant and/or Ordering Platform, so that Coco can complete the delivery. While we collect this information about you through the Merchant and/or Ordering Platform, please note that this Privacy Policy does not cover the information or privacy practices of Merchants or Ordering Platforms.

‍Public Sources
‍We may collect information from public sources, such as map information and public social media information.

‍We may receive information about you from our advertisers, such as your interests and preferences to help us provide you with tailored advertisements.

‍We may collect information about you directly from our vendor services or tools if your use of their services led to or related to your use of Coco or your job candidacy. For example, if you applied for a job with Coco, we may run a background check with a vendor. We may also utilize such services as a means of collecting information from you as described above. The information we collect from vendors will be treated in the same manner as the information we collect from you directly.

‍In addition to the uses described above, we also use the information we collect about you to:Support our Merchants and Ordering Platforms with information necessary for them to maintain their records in accordance with their normal business practices and applicable lawIdentify you as a user in our systemComply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulationsAnalyze and assess current and potential user marketsImprove, optimize, and create new products and servicesEvaluate retailer, brand, and other third-party partnershipsPersonalize your experience with CocoTo determine whether you are a good candidate for the role or program you applied forProvide customer support and assist with your access or use of the Coco PlatformCommunicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, including for marketing and promotional purposesFacilitate your communication with the Courier or Coco robot fulfilling your orderTo engage in marketing activities with you and to assess marketing and promotional initiativesDetect, prevent, or mitigate fraud, vandalism or any other suspicious or potentially illegal activitiesConduct research and development, such as by conducting voluntary user surveys or obtaining other feedback from youCreate aggregated, de-identified, and/or anonymized dataSupport public health and safety effortsAs otherwise described in this Privacy Policy or in any other notices we have or will provide to you.

‍We may share your information as described below:

‍To Facilitate Delivery
‍In order to facilitate deliveries, we may share information with our business partners, including third party delivery providers and their drivers. When you send an order to the Merchant and/or Ordering Platform, and that delivery is fulfilled by Coco, the Merchant and/or Ordering Platform receives information required to complete your order, such as your first name, delivery address, order details, birthdate, and (if applicable) a picture of your face taken from your government-issued ID. The retailer routes your delivery to either a Coco robot or Courier, who fulfills your order, and the Coco robot or Courier receives this information to complete the delivery. If necessary, when the Coco robot or Courier arrives with your order, they will check your ID in person to verify your identity in accordance with applicable law.

‍Affiliated Businesses
‍We may share your personal information with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that Coco is part of, or that become part of that group (“Affiliates”). Affiliates may use this information to help provide, understand, and improve the Coco Platform and Affiliates’ own services (including by providing you with better and more relevant experiences).

‍Anonymized, De-Identified and/or Aggregated Data
‍We may share aggregated, de-identified, and/or anonymized information with third parties. Aggregated and anonymized means that user information is combined together with all personally identifiable information removed so that any individual user cannot be identified. De-identified information means we have removed any identifiers that make a user identifiable, such as their name or address. We may also share anonymized, aggregated and/or de-identified data with third parties for educational, marketing, consulting, or independent research purposes. This data provides valuable information including how users interact with Coco, our partners, Merchants, Ordering Platforms, available products, and also helps us drive conversations on consumer habits, preferences, and behavior within the robotics and food delivery industries. When we share anonymized, de-identified and/or aggregated data, we require the third party not to re-identify individuals and to have technical and business safeguards that prevent re-identification and inadvertent release of such information.

‍Vendor Tools and Services
‍We may share your information with service providers, business partners, Merchants, Ordering Platforms, consultants, tools, and services to facilitate Coco operations such as verification, compliance, marketing, communications, statistical analysis, hosting, database management, and a number of other functions. We share your information with these parties to perform their respective specific tasks on our behalf.

‍Government Authority, Law Enforcement, & Safety
‍We only disclose information about you to a government authority, law enforcement official, public health or safety official, or one of our partners if we believe we are required to by law, or in order to respond to or comply with regulations or legal processes, including, but not limited to, responding to subpoenas or warrants. We may also share your information if we believe that doing so is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Coco, our partners and their employees, our users, the public, or others.  We reserve the right to share data with law enforcement or government agencies in furtherance of an investigation of criminal acts committed against Coco, its property, or any of its employees or contractors. 

‍At Your Direction
‍There may be instances where you direct us to share personal information on your behalf, such as for medical records, for legal or administrative proceedings, or otherwise.

‍Acquisition or Merger of Coco
‍In the event that all or a portion of the assets, business, or stock of Coco are acquired by or merged with another party, your information may be among those assets transferred. An acquirer of Coco or its assets may continue to use your information as described in this Privacy Policy. We will notify you with any choices you may have regarding your information as a result of such acquisition or merger.

‍Onward Transfer
‍If we share your information as described in this Privacy Policy, we will seek assurances from the recipients of your information that they will safeguard your information in a manner consistent with this policy. Such assurances, where appropriate, may include contractual relationships with confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements that provide the same level of commitment to safeguarding your information as provided in this Privacy Policy.

‍We provide you with the choices below regarding your personal information:

‍Email Subscriptions
‍You can always unsubscribe from Coco promotional emails by emailing We will still send you transactional emails and receipts generated from your use of Coco as these are not promotional communications.

‍Promotional Text Messages
‍You can opt out of receiving promotional text messages by emailing Promotional texts are SMS messages sent to you containing offers, promo codes, or deal reminders. Standard messaging rates from your cell phone carrier will apply.

‍Push Notifications
‍If you are using the Coco mobile application(s), you can opt out of receiving promotional push notifications through your device settings. Please note that opting out of receiving transactional push notifications, such as receiving a notification that your order has arrived, may impact your use of Coco.

‍Location Information
‍You can prevent your device from sharing geolocation information at any time through your device settings. Please note that the use of geolocation information may be necessary to access some of our services, such as mobile applications.

‍Access Your Data
‍Coco is committed to transparency and will provide you with a copy of your data upon request. To obtain a copy of your data, email The data provided to you is limited to the data collected in the last 12 months and does not include job applicant data. We reserve the right to refuse any request for data that is unfounded, excessive, or otherwise unreasonable in our sole discretion.

‍Deleting Your Account
‍We will store your information as long as your account is open. If you wish to terminate, delete, suspend, or otherwise disable your Account or use of the Coco Platform, please email When we delete user accounts we must maintain certain information as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations, prevent fraudulent activity, to enforce agreements, or as otherwise deemed necessary in our discretion. Upon your request for deletion, the information that can be deleted will be removed from your Account in a reasonable amount of time or as otherwise required by applicable law.

‍If you are a California resident, this section applies to you. For purposes of this section, “personal information” has the meaning given in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), but does not include certain de-identified or aggregated information, information publicly available in government records, or certain information excluded from the CCPA’s scope.As a California resident, you are entitled to certain privacy rights further explained below. These rights are not absolute and are subject to exceptions. We may be required or permitted by law to decline your request. When requesting to exercise your right to access and deletion under the CCPA, only you, a person that you authorize to act on your behalf, or an entity registered with the California Secretary of State that you authorize to act on your behalf, may make such a verifiable request.The right to request a copy of the categories of personal information and specific personal information collected about you in the last 12 months.The right to delete personal information collected from you, except as necessary to comply with legal obligations, detect, prevent and mitigate security incidents, bugs or fraudulent, malicious, deceptive or illegal activity, or as otherwise provided under applicable law.The right not to have your personal information sold to third parties, if applicable. Coco does not sell your name, address, government identification, medical recommendation or identification, or other similar personal information. However, California law broadly defines what constitutes “personal information” such that cookie and technical information shared with targeted advertising vendors may constitute a “sale” of “personal information.” The right not to be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights described above.You may contact us at with any requests, or if you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices or your rights.


Changes to the Policy
‍We may update this Privacy Policy periodically. If we make any material changes, we will update you on the Coco Platform, by email, or by other communication. We encourage you to stay up to date about our privacy practices by reviewing this Privacy Policy periodically. Continued use of Coco following notices of changes to the Privacy Policy indicates your acknowledgment of such changes and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.In addition, we may provide you with “just-in-time” disclosures or additional information about the data collection, use and sharing practices of specific parts of the Coco Platform. These notices may provide more information about our privacy practices, or provide you with additional choices about how we process your personal information.

‍Age Restrictions
‍Coco is intended for access and use by individuals who are of legal age for the services offered based on the applicable regulations of their state or other government entities (“Qualifying Age”). We do not knowingly collect personal information from or about anyone who is not of Qualifying Age. If you are not of Qualifying Age, you should not attempt to access or use Coco, or send any information to us. If we discover that we have collected personal information from an individual who is not of Qualifying Age, we will take steps to remove that information.

‍Account Activity
‍You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and account information, and for controlling access to emails or physical mail between you and Coco at all times. When you direct Coco to share your information with third parties, please note that your privacy and security may also be affected by changes in such third party services. We are not responsible for the functionality, privacy, or security measures of any other organization or third party.


‍If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, your information, our use and sharing practices, or your choices, please email If you are a California resident, you have the right to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Coco Privacy Policy

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