Coco cares about communities

Here are ways Coco
nourishes  our community

Supporting Local Businesses

We partner with local businesses to help them cut costs, streamline operations, and grow business. When these local businesses thrive, our community can flourish


Cocos are fully electric and contribute no carbon emissions to our precious atmosphere. More Cocos means fewer cars on the road

Human Operated

Cocos are remotely piloted by vetted and trained human operators

Contact-less Delivery

With no courier handling, Cocos keep your food safe and protected against contamination
"I love this and can’t wait to see more bots on the street. The future is here..."
"Wow. That was adorable."
"Coco is awesome!!! I hope to see
thousands of these all over every
city in the future."
"Receiving our ice cream
via robot made it ten
times more fun!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coco?

Coco is a remotely-piloted delivery service that partners with restaurants and markets to make their local deliveries more affordable and sustainable. A surprisingly large portion of deliveries are done within less than two miles.  We believe there is no reason to have a three thousand pound car deliver a burrito over short distances.  Car-based delivery services charge too much and needlessly add traffic and pollution to our cities.

How can I receive a Coco robot delivery?

Coco partners with merchants directly and integrates with the delivery platforms they already use like DoorDash and Grubhub. When you order through these platforms to an address within the robot-serviceable radius, you will receive a Coco robot delivery, pending device availability. If there is no robot available, we’ll dispatch a human courier to ensure your order gets to you as quickly as possible.

Are Coco vehicles autonomous?

No. Our vehicles are remotely-operated by trained pilots.

How does Coco keep vehicles from blocking sidewalks for pedestrians and residents with disabilities?

Our pilots ensure that our vehicles do not block the public right of way. Operators are trained to yield to pedestrians and pull-over as-needed. Our bots also emit sound to inform the visually impaired of its presence.  New vehicles allow for two-way communication between the pilots and pedestrians.

What if I have a disability that makes it challenging to retrieve my order from a robot?

Accessibility is a top priority for Coco. You can request a hand delivery at any time by replying directly to the order confirmation text message from Coco.

How do the vehicles cross the street?

Operators are trained to cross at pedestrian crossings.  To enhance visibility during these crossings, each vehicle is equipped with a tall LED-lit flag that flashes, even during the day. At night, the robots are made visible with headlights, taillights, reflective material, and LED-lit flags. Pilots also do sound checks for sirens before entering crosswalks.

How does Coco support local jobs?

Our vehicles are always operated by real people. These are non-technical jobs that only require a computer and an internet connection, making it COVID-safe, and a more accessible job to those with disabilities than typical delivery services.  Unlike many jobs with other delivery companies, our pilots are employees and not contract (gig) workers.  Coco also hires local field operations team members. Currently the majority of our pilots and field operators are based in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  We are also beginning to hire in other markets where we plan to expand in the near future.  You can view currently open positions here. Our service further supports jobs in the local economy by helping local restaurants and markets increase their sales and decrease the costs associated with traditional delivery services.

How does Coco support local businesses?

Coco provides a much more affordable and sustainable delivery option for local businesses. Now more than ever, local businesses need convenient and affordable alternatives to safely reach their customers. Other delivery services charge high commissions (often 30%+ of the sale), which is unsustainable for these local businesses, but without other options, they have no choice but to use them. Coco reduces the cost to the restaurant significantly (often 50%+ lower than traditional delivery).

Who receives the tips for Coco orders?

All tips for Coco-fulfilled orders are passed onto our pilots in compliance with local law.

What happens if someone tampers with a robot?

Each device is locked until reaching the customer. If someone tampers with a vehicle during a delivery, the operator may sound an alarm, locate the device using GPS, and dispatch a local field-operations employee to attend to the device.

Why did I see a van pick up a Cocobot?

Our field operations team may pick up a vehicle for maintenance, recharge, or repositioning. On rare occasions, a delivery platform will pass Coco an order that is outside of our short-distance delivery range, and a Coco field operations driver will help complete the order.  We are working with those platforms to eliminate this need.

How is your vehicle video data stored?

Video data is securely stored on the devices and deleted every day.  It would only be reviewed in the event of an accident or other emergency.

If I have other questions, where can I get them answered?

Please email any questions to

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